Membership Benefits

As a member of SC-ASET, you will have access to a constantly growing library of educational materials which will provide continuing educational credits for your registry renewal, including:

  • Publications – from expert physicians and technologists working in neurodiagnostics
  • Videos
  • Case Studies
  • Discounted registry for our annual seminar
  • Other up to date information from Top Resources


Types of Memberships

ASET of SC currently offers 3 different levels of membership.  South Carolina Chapter of ASET membership is from January through December. 

  1. ACTIVE Membership – Individuals whose primary employment or training is in clinical practice, research, education, or management in neurodiagnostics.  South Carolina Chapter of ASET membership is from January through December. First-year dues are pro-rated based on join date. For individuals joining October through December, membership runs through December of the following year. Fee is $25 per year.
  2. STUDENT Membership – Individual residing in the U.S. and enrolled in a formal neurodiagnostics training program, not including on-the-job training. Application must be accompanied with letter from the school’s program director confirming student enrollment status and graduation date.  Fee is $15 per year.
  3. ASSOCAITE Membership – An interested person other than ND technologist.  Fee is $30 per year.


To join, please click on the image below with the desired membership type and term.  

ASSOCIATE Membership $30
ACTIVE Membership Full Year $25
ACTIVE Membership - Partial Year; Purchase in Jul - Sept; valid until end of year $13
ACTIVE Membership - Late Year; Purchase in Oct - Dec; valid until end of following year $25
STUDENT Membership $25